Text translations

The company offers translation of texts of any subject in different language combinations. Commonly, the rate at which texts are translated is about 11-12 A4 sheets a day. More aggressive schedules may require the involvement of several translations to work on the project. The cost and schedule are calculated individually for every project, based generally on the scope of work and factors like urgency, formatting issues, etc.



Translations are notarized by a Notary Public. The incidental expenses and the time required are taken into account when drawing up a price proposal. The notarization procedure requires a duly executed and legally effective original copy of the document being notarized. You may either have it delivered to our address or submit the original right in the notary’s office (in this case, we will require a scanned copy of the document beforehand, so that the translation itself could be done).



Our experts can proofread a translation done elsewhere, in case there is an already translated text at your disposal that you would like to check for any possible mistakes, stylistic faults, incorrect usage of any specific terms and expressions and any other aspects that you might deem important. Usually, this also requires the source text of the document. The cost of proofreading services is 50% of the cost of translation in the respective language combination, unless the text requires a profound revision (i.e. when the text is actually translated anew).

At your discretion, proofreading can also be ordered as an auxiliary service complementing the translation of a text handled by our bureau. In general, such additional services provide for the involvement of a proofreader or an expert in the respective realm and are advised in case the text to be translated is highly specific (certain realms of industry, science, etc.). For our part, we also assess the necessity of additional proofreading and provide you with the respective recommendations when making our price proposal.



An interpreter is assigned at your disposal to provide interpretation as may be required at various negotiations, conferences, meetings, etc. Inasmuch as this is preceded by a considerable amount of preparatory work (choice of the expert, reconciliation of terms and schedules, and so on), we kindly request you to order interpretation services reasonably in advance and provide us with as many details about the anticipated job as possible. The cost of interpretation services is calculated at an hourly rate.


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